We have recently released some more enhancements for WP Remote. Along with a hoard of bug fixes we have added the ability to lock individual plugins and themes from updates. Locking a plugin will disable the Update option for that plugin. If there is a known compatibility issue with a plugin update you can lock that plugin to as stop you (or anyone else using the WP Remote account) from updating that plugin. This is also useful if you have modified a plugin – or have some plugins running out of a Git repository which you don’t to be updated via WP Remote.

The below shows WordPress SEO is locked, (you may have noticed – a new addition to WP Remote: displaying all plugins and their versions installed on the site; before it was just plugins that had updates).


The Plugin Updates view will then display the below.


We also recently “iconified” the interface to save on visual clutter, modified our backend server to run requests to client sites in parallel so when you log into WP Remote, all you site should refresh much faster (up to 25 times faster!).