UPDATE: API End points have changed since this post was written. I have updated the code snippets.

I am proud to announce we are opening up our JSON based RESTful API for WP Remote! This will allow third parties to integrate with WP Remote, in hopefully new and innovative ways. If you have internal provisioning systems / client management software you could automatically add sites to WP Remote when clients are added, or indeed vica-versa; you could configure you home alarm to go off when a plugin update becomes available or you could even create your own front-end web app for WP Remote. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

You can find the documentation for the API in the support center under API Documentation. Currently we have the `/sites` and `/sites/{id}` endpoints documented, but we plan to add more of the API endpoint docs soon.

To test, run the following in your terminal:

curl --user demo:demo https://wpremote.com/api/json/site


Hacking against the API with jq works very cool, for example:

curl --user demo:demo https://wpremote.com/api/json/site | jq '.[].nicename'

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 15.23.09