WP Remote re-designs, launches new premium features and introduces a powerful public API.

logoOver the last few months we’ve been hard at work on several exciting improvements to WP Remote. We’re finally ready to let you try them out. Today we’re announcing three major improvements to WP Remote:

  1. A new Premium plan with several much requested features.
  2. A re-design with a focus on speed & simplicity.
  3. The public release of our powerful API.

WP Remote has always been about taking the pain out of managing all of your WordPress sites. We’re proud to say we are now helping our users manage more than 45,000 sites. In the last month alone WP Remote has updated 40,000 Plugins, performed over 6,000 WordPress Core updates and backup over 350 GB. Pretty amazing! We built WP Remote to satisfy our own need for a more efficient way to manage a lot of WordPress sites. At Human Made we visit WP Remote several times per day to maintain both our own sites and the sites that our clients pay us to manage. To be useful to us WP Remote has to be simple, fast and effective.

A Premium Plan


WP Remote Premium is something we’ve been thinking about for a while. A lot of the features we want to add  don’t scale well on a free product. Premium is a way for us to release these features whilst also ensuring a strong future for WP Remote as a product. You can continue to use all the existing features of WP Remote for free, including monitoring and performing updates on an unlimited number of sites. Upgrade a Site to Premium to get access to the following features:

  • Automatic backups stored on WP Remote (previously this was a separate $5 per month per site cost, now it’s part of Premium).
  • Automatic backups to your own Amazon S3 or Dropbox account (with more destinations coming soon).
  • Fully automatic Core, Theme, and Plugin updates.
  • A daily email summary of what has been happening on your sites.
  • The ability to install, activate, deactivate and delete Themes & Plugins.
  • History will now log important actions that happen on your site (for example if you switch theme, an administrator user changes their password, etc.).

We’re introducing the new Premium plans at discounted prices of $24 per month for 5 sites, $39 per month for 10 sites and $149 per month for 50 sites. In addition to your Premium Sites you can continue to add an unlimited number of Free Sites. Read more about these exciting new features on the homepage or in our documentation or log-in/sign-up and upgrade now!

WP Remote is amazing

A Public API

We now have a comprehensive JSON API that gives you access to all of the functionality we currently expose through the WP Remote Web App (and some functionality not currently exposed in the UI).

curl -user 6D32506FF65957454422C864890EA4D1: https://wpremote.com/api/json/site

This API is the future of WP Remote. We’ve built the WP Remote Web App 100% on-top of the publicly available API, we have no hidden/private end-points. This full separation of the functional core and the Web App UI is a powerful step towards allowing multiple different clients, whether they be first party clients we develop in the future or 3rd party clients developed by others in the community. It will also make it possible to deeply integrate WP Remote into your existing workflow. Dive into our documentation to get started. As an example check out our very own WP Remote CLI tool, inspired by WP CLI. it allows you to interact with your remote sites via the command-line, especially useful in situations where you don’t have SSH access to your site.

$ wp --site-id=200 remote-site download
Initiated site archive.
Backup status: initiate-backup
Success: Site downloaded.

A Strong Foundation

We’re incredibly excited about the future of WP Remote. The API-first approach gives us a solid foundation to build-on, we are absolutely buzzing with ideas for the future. As always, we’d love your feedback on all the changes we’ve introduced today. Please use the feedback link from within the App to let us know what you think or drop us an email at [email protected]

– From everyone at Human Made Limited