WP Remote was born out of our own need to manage WordPress sites. Its driving force is our own understanding of the need for its existence. Which is why when we caught up with Linn Øyen Farley from Drollic, one of the users of WP Remote, we were delighted to hear some of her responses to our questions.

Tell us about your business, what kind of cool things do you do?

I’m a full-time freelance designer and developer. Most of my work involves coding WordPress themes from scratch for theatre companies, small businesses and freelancers.The sites I build range from simple business card-esque websites to complex information hubs with lots of specific needs. I believe in giving people full control of their own website post-launch, so WordPress is a natural choice for many projects, since it strikes the right balance between being easy to update for a non-technical person, and letting me add custom functionality as necessary.

”Logging in to individual sites started taking up a lot of (non-billable) time”

How has WP Remote helped your business?

The not-so-great part of WordPress is how often the core and plugins have updates available. After we’ve launched, I usually hand the site off to the client to maintain, but I used to check in every once in a while to make sure they were still updating everything.

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Logging in to individual sites started taking up a lot of (non-billable) time, though, so once I discovered WP Remote it made my life much easier! Now I can just glance at all of my client sites (past and present) in one go, and see who’s keeping up to date and who might need a reminder to log in and update their stuff. I just started offering maintenance packages to past clients, too, where I’ll keep their plugins and core up to date for a monthly fee, and using WP Remote lets me keep that fee low. WP Remote has also been invaluable during security breaches of popular plugins over the past few months – I was able to update those plugins on all affected client sites within a few seconds.

How does your WP Remote workflow look like?

I keep WP Remote open and refresh it about once a day. Whenever there are updates

available, I update directly from the WP Remote dashboard, unless they’re plugins that might need some extra tweaking or if I want to back up the site first.

You’re big into typography, what font are you dying to use but haven’t found the right project for yet?

I actually get to satisfy most of my weird font urges by designing theatre posters!Bizarre fonts that aren’t appropriate for most client work are often totally perfect for a show.


WP Remote was built for people like Linn in mind. It’s great to hear she’s started offering maintenance contracts to clients.

With the time she can save with WP Remote, this becomes financially viable, also allowing her to take on more client work.

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