Over the last few weeks, the team at WP Remote have been working hard to come up with ways that we can make WP Remote more useful and more intrinsic in your day to day work flow.

We have big changes planned which we think will really help set WP Remote apart from other WordPress management platforms and bring a set of features along a new UI that will not only make WP Remote more useful, but also more easy and even pleasurable to use.

What does this exactly mean for users today?

  • Free users will continue as normal (though the ability to upgrade to premium will be removed). The only difference being that “Download a Copy of my Site” will be deactivated in 30 days. In the next day, free users that registered before this blog post will be emailed a 50% off coupon for BackUpWordPress, a WordPress plugin for automatically scheduling backups and storing them at common cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, etc.)
  • Premium users will have access to the features they’ve enjoyed so far for the next 30 days, but any billing will be turned off from now on. In addition, current premium users will receive a copy of the Developer License for BackUpWordPress for free within the next 1-2 days if they’d like a copy (simply reply to the initial e-mail or contact [email protected])

WP Remote was originally born as an internal tool for our company and WordPress agency (Human Made). We subsequently released it for free and had a lot of success focusing around basic remote features. Late last year, we started working on deeper features that benefitted a small percent of users whilst at the same time consuming a lot of our internal resources (no server is the same, thus we spent the majority of our time debugging and trying to make the backups work). This ultimately came at the cost of our free users as well as compromising our original motives with WP Remote. We’re now focused on bringing it back to the simple yet brutally efficient tool WP Remote started as. This way we can also spend the majority of our time on the largest user group, the free ones.

In the next few weeks, you will also see the arrival of a Preview Beta button within your WP Remote dashboard. This will constitute of a completely new UI as well as a shift of how WP Remote is perceived and used (while not changing any of our core competencies, i.e. updates and other remote actions). We will be deploying to the beta as often as possible and actively seeking your feedback. We hope to share with you the first screenshots in the next week.

If you’re a premium user and have any issues, feedback that you’d like to share, please get in touch with me directly at [email protected] , I’ll personally respond.