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Why WP Remote?

The WordPress space is saturated with plug-ins that demand compromise

Maintaining WordPress sites on an ongoing basis is a real challenge. There’s a lot of site management tools in the market, but all of them lack at least one critical feature that you need to source from elsewhere.

If you get solid, reliable security, then the product does not guarantee encrypted, complete back-ups. If you get dependable back-ups, you’re missing uptime monitoring.

This meant customers were putting together 10 different plug-ins, ensuring they worked fine, and bridging the gaps with manual work. But that’s not all of it…

Agencies need more than a plug-in to run a website smoothly without hiccups. They need support. They need a team that they can count on, helping solve security issues as soon as they occur, helping resolve problems with back-ups before it’s too late.

Existing solutions were not enough. We knew we had to build something better.Something that was comprehensive, and gave 100% on every feature that agencies needed to keep their clients’ websites secure, updated and running. Something that guaranteed that they had experts they could contact for support any time.

That’s why we built WPRemote.

Here’s how our story begins.

Back in 2010, Akshat Choudhary, the founder of MalCare, was far far away from the world of WordPress.

He was doing kernel hacking at Citrix, building a networking device called Netscaler.

But then one fine day, Coding Horror crashed. Coding Horror, the programming blog of THE Jeff Atwood aka founder of Stack Overflow and Jeff Atwood had no reliable back-ups—it was only cached versions of the website that saved the blog.

This got Akshat thinking: If Jeff Atwood doesn’t have back-ups to recover HIS blog—what about regular folk? There was a real problem here that needed solving!

And so, Akshat dove into WordPress, learning on his way to kickass products. He built BlogVault—a backup and security service. He kept polishing the malware scanner till it could use over 100 signals to accurately identify new and the most complex malware. This new security-focussed solution became MalCare.

He realised migrating was a nightmare—so the team set out to build Migrate Guru to make it simpler.

But all of these did not solve the problem of taking complete care of multiple websites from one single place. All of these tools were brilliant, but they needed to be integrated into one single do-it-all platform.

So, Akshat and team built WP Remote.With the help of the friendly, beautiful community around WordPress, they found out all the problems people had while managing websites, and built a solution that addressed it all. Efficiently. Effectively. Easily.

Akshat Choudhary

Founder & CEO

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