Because our API is the backbone of the WP Remote product, the API has first class access to all the functionality that WP Remote provides. For example, the WP Remote App uses the API to communicate with the "backend" to WP Remote.

Having such a fully featured API requires good documentation and discovery of the available endpoints, which is what this page is aiming to do. You can view all the available endpoints in the sidebar for reference.

As the WP Remote App also use the API you are free to inspect network requests sent to the server. Also, check out the WP Remote CLI client to see the API in action.


You authenticate to the WP Remote API by providing one of your API keys in the request, manage your API keys from your account. You can have multiple API keys active at one time.

Authentication to the API occurs via HTTP Basic Auth. Simply provide your API key as the basic auth username. You do not need to provide a password. All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.

For example, to authenticate using CURL:

curl -u API_KEY: