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Now or Never: Time To Act Is NOW! Here’s Our Commitment To the WordPress Community

Apr 27, 2020

Now or Never: Time To Act Is NOW! Here’s Our Commitment To the WordPress Community

Apr 27, 2020

Most of us started the year thinking 2020 would be a game-changer. But no one could have imagined how the world would turn on its head in a flash.

The virus has literally brought the world to its knees. With almost every country under lockdown, the entire world economy has been dislocated and businesses are staring at a bleak uncertain future.

First and foremost, we hope you and your family are healthy, staying indoors, working from home, taking every possible precaution to stay safe.

In the next few months, things are definitely going to become super tough, especially for small businesses. The good news is, like all other past pandemics, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. But we all have to endure the hardship for now.

Unlike some of the previous catastrophes, the worst part of this pandemic is the uncertainty about the future. No one (even the best of the best including the IMF) can predict what the economic future is going to look like which is why every one of us is playing it by ear.

Undoubtedly, we are looking at tough times ahead. But we are certain that we are going to defeat COVID-19 because there has never been a stronger call for everyone to unite – from individuals to nations – to fight it together.

The WordPress community shares one of the strongest community bonds in the world.  We are grateful to be a part of such a community and it’s time for us to play our part in helping defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Commitment to the WordPress Community

Small businesses including WordPress based businesses are among the worst-hit by the pandemic. We too are a small business and we can totally understand the pain and struggle that others like us (Developers, Designers, Freelancers, Agencies) are going through. From keeping our families safe and healthy to managing our employees, retaining our clients, as well as growing our businesses — we understand how overwhelming life has become.

To support our WordPress family during this tough time we have decided to take a BOLD step – one that will impact us financially but nonetheless, at this time, we feel that this step will make a big difference in the lives of our WordPress family members.


To help our community members,

we have decided to make WP Remote’s Pro Plans FREE for the next 3 months.

No strings attached. No hidden charges. No Catch. Completely free for the next 3 months.


You will be charged only if you continue after three months. You can cancel anytime you want. For more questions, please refer to the FAQ below


How to Avail WP Remote For Free?

To avail the offer, you need to take to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to our Special Offer Page.
  • Step 2: Select a plan of your choice and click on the ‘Claim You 3 Months Button’ button.
  • Step 3: Next, you need to sign up with WP Remote.

And that’s it. You can start using WP Remote to manage your WordPress websites.

Here’s a video that’ll help you set up your account. (Please note that the video shows how to set up MalCare – which is our sister product. But you need to take the same steps to set up an account with WP Remote.)

If you need help with setting up or operating our tool, kindly follow the WP Remote Help Docs.


Final Thoughts

We hope that our efforts help you worry less about costs so that you can focus more on sustaining and growing your business.

If you know someone who can benefit from using WP Remote, do share this article with them.

And, if you found this article helpful, then you may also find the following resources valuable:

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Be Kind.


Who can avail the offers?

This offer is only for NEW WP Remote customers.

Can I avail the offers on all plans?

No, the offers are available only on the Basic plan.

What happens after the offer ends?

After the offer ends, you will need to upgrade to continue using WP Remote.

Can I cancel my account with WP Remote before 3 months?

Yes, you can.

Will I be charged if I cancel before the offer ends?

No, you will not be charged.

If I choose the free access option now and become a paid user after 3 months, will I be charged for the free access?

You will never be charged. Not now. Not ever.

I have questions. How do I contact the support team?

Write to us at

How long will the offers last?

The offer is valid for 3 months. This means you can use our product from May to July.

Will I have limited access to features?

Not at all. You can have full access to all the features under the Basic plan.

After 3 months, if I want to cancel, how do I do that?

You can cancel your account with WP Remote by following this guide – How do I cancel my WPRemote account?

If I want to cancel before 3 months, what should I do?

You can cancel your account with WP Remote by following this guide – How do I cancel my WPRemote account?

Can the offer be extended beyond 3 months?

Unfortunately, no. The offer ends on the last day of July.

Will I get full support or have to compromise under the offer?

Don’t worry, you will receive full support from our Support team. If you are in trouble, our team is ready to help you out.