Streamline Your Reporting with WP Remote’s New Centralized Dashboard

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If you are an agency handling numerous sites, you will agree that compiling and managing individual client reports can become burdensome. As your client list grows, so does the complexity of managing these reports.

So how do you provide timely, accurate, and tailored reports to your clients?

You need a more cohesive reporting solution that works regardless of how small or large your client list is. And to answer this challenge, we are introducing our Centralized Dashboard for Reporting.

Everything in one place

The Centralized Dashboard consolidates all your client reports into a single, accessible location. This change means less time searching and more time analyzing data and making informed decisions. Whether you manage ten websites or a hundred, every client’s data is now just a few clicks away, housed under a single, streamlined dashboard.

Find the right report in seconds

Finding the exact report you’re looking for has never been easier. WP Remote’s new dashboard offers detailed filtering options that help you sort client reports by site, report type, client details, and email status. This level of detail allows you to quickly locate the information you need, without sifting through tons of data. For instance, if you need to track the delivery status of a specific client’s report, you can set the filters and get the results in seconds.

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Bird’s eye view of all client reports

Immediate updates on your reports’ status are now right at your fingertips. The dashboard shows real-time updates on each report’s journey–from sent to delivered, to when it was opened. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that critical reports reach their intended recipients and for following up accordingly.

More insights, less busywork

Every report on the Centralized Dashboard is designed for action. You can download reports for more in-depth offline analysis, forward them directly to clients from the dashboard itself, or even delete older reports to maintain a clean workspace. Each of these options is designed to make the data not just accessible but also highly actionable, giving you and your clients the tools to respond quickly and effectively.

The new dashboard doesn’t just bring your client reports together; it also cuts down the time you spend managing them. With all reports in one place and enhanced tools at your disposal, you can save considerable time—time that can be used to deliver more value to your clients.

The introduction of the Centralized Dashboard is shaped by the direct needs of agencies like yours, that require efficient and accessible reporting tools as they scale and manage more sites. And what’s more, this robust tool is now available to all WP Remote users, regardless of their subscription plans.


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How do you manage your websites?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be time consuming and error-prone. WP Remote will save you hours every day while providing you complete peace of mind.

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