Build a safety net for your websites with reliable, timely backups.

Rest assured with WP Remote’s automatic, offsite backups, and restore your websites before your clients spot any problems.

Reliable Backups for Complete Peace of Mind

Reliable backups for complete peace of mind

We track changes happening to your site and only backup the difference. With our Incremental Backups Technology you no longer have huge zip files overloading your server.

Backup sites of any size

We regularly backup sites as large as 300 GB in size and with over 50 GB of database without any errors.

Disaster-proof offsite data storage

Multiple copies of all the website data is stored on our servers using industry standard encryption. This is further backed up to an  independent cloud storage for extra redundancy

“With WP Remote, I can finally rest easy.”

WP Remote is the most reliable backup and restore tool we’ve ever used at WP Site Care. WP Remote is battle-tested at scale.

Ryan Sullivan,
‍WP Site Care

Easy restores with 100% success rate

Restore site with a click of a button

A backup is only as good as it’s restore. We will restore your site however badly it is broken.

Differential restores for quick recovery

Large sites can take hours to restore using traditional methods. With our differential restores, only changes are copied back to the site making the restore extremely fast.

Selectively Restore a plugin, table or sub-site

We let you restore only specific plugins, themes or even subsites in case of a WordPress Multisite.

Additional features of WordPress Backups

One-click migrations with Search & Replace ‍‍‍

Easily migrate your site between hosts or from a development environment to production easily. We will automatically handle 

Upto 365 days of History‍

With upto 365 days of backups you can go back in time and recover your site. We show you changes between backups so you can find the backup to restore from.

Real-Time backups for WooCommerce Sites ‍‍‍

WooCommerce sites cannot afford to lose even a single order. With our real-time backups orders are saved as they occur.

Give your website 360 degree protection and get complete peace of mind