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Have you ever had one or more of your managed websites showing an “insecure” warning to visitors? Or worse, has a client of yours come running to you with a completely inaccessible site because of an expired SSL certificate? Such scenarios can be nerve-wracking and damaging to your business reputation and customer trust.

SSL certificates can be quite unpredictable: they can expire suddenly with little to no warning, prompting alarm signals from search engines and browsers. This leaves you scrambling to reinstall a certificate while dealing with an irate client. Now, imagine having to manage this on top of all your other responsibilities to keep your managed sites running smoothly. 

With WP Remote’s SSL Monitoring, the newest addition to its Advanced Monitoring suite, you gain more than just a tool; it’s a reliable ally in ensuring the websites you maintain remain secure and trustworthy.

The hidden troubles of SSL certificate management

Let’s picture this: It’s the height of the shopping season, your website traffic is peaking, and unexpectedly, your site presents a security warning to potential customers.

The culprit? An expired SSL certificate you forgot to renew.

This isn’t just a hypothetical scenario; it happens more often than you might think and can have real repercussions on your business. SSL certificates are the backbone of secure communication on the internet, but their management can easily fall through the cracks amidst numerous other responsibilities.

Renewal times for SSL certificates are getting shorter. They used to be valid for 2 years, but now the maximum is around 12 months. There is also talk of reducing this even further to 90 days. With more frequent renewals, it’s easier to miss reminders and deadlines. This makes managing SSL certificates more complicated and time-consuming.

SSL Monitoring: Your proactive security partner

Understanding the gravity of such risks, WP Remote has introduced a vital component to its Advanced Monitoring suite: SSL Monitoring. This feature isn’t just about automation; it’s your proactive partner in maintaining website integrity and security.

Timely alerts before disaster strikes

Remembering to check each certificate’s expiry date manually is cumbersome and fallible. SSL Monitoring automates this process entirely. It keeps constant vigilance on the pulse of your website’s SSL health, freeing you from the manual checks that so easily slip through the cracks of a busy schedule.

You get email alerts about SSL certificates that are nearing expiry or have other issues like revocation or invalid status. This timely heads-up allows you to act before there’s any threat to your managed sites’ functionality or security.

SSL management made easy with detailed dashboards

At the heart of SSL Monitoring is a meticulously organized dashboard—your command center for all things SSL on your site. It not only displays the current health status of the SSL certificates but also details like the issuer, validation period, and more. This central repository of information simplifies management and is a quick reference point during troubleshooting or audits.

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Keep a clear record of SSL certificate status

With every check it performs, SSL Monitoring builds a history. This history is useful to track changes and understand the status of SSL certificates over time. By reviewing this data, you can quickly identify issues, see when actions were taken, and maintain a clear record for audits or troubleshooting.

Secure your visitors’ trust while securing your sites

Beyond keeping your managed sites operational, SSL Monitoring ensures it remains a trusted zone for your clients and site visitors alike. The security of a website significantly impacts user perception and loyalty. By ensuring you are always on top of SSL certificates, you’re also fostering customer trust and confidence in yet another important facet of their site maintenance.

WP Remote’s SSL Monitoring is not just an option, but a necessity in your digital toolset, ensuring the gates of your managed websites are always securely guarded.


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