Learn why top agencies choose WP Remote over ManageWP

Stop letting security flaws add more stress for you and your clients. Choose WP Remote and ensure no malware can hurt your sites.

The largest WordPress agencies have moved 1000s sites over to WP Remote

I had multiple false downtimes on ManageWP, but none on WP Remote.

All clean on ManageWP, while WP Remote detected four infected sites which have been automatically cleaned.

WP Remote wins – YAY!

Sarah Crawford, A Lined Design

WP Remote gives you all the features that ManageWP does + a whole lot more.

Do more than manage sites and update plug-ins. Give your clients complete peace of mind when it comes to their websites and grow your business faster.

Comprehensive Website Security to Protect Your Sites

ManageWP has a basic security feature which does nothing to protect your sites and has a very basic malware scanner

WP Remote provides complete security for your sites with real-time firewall, intelligent malware scannner and one-click cleanups if your sites get hacked.

Activity log to record of everything that happens on your sites

ManageWP does not have this critical activity feature

With WP Remote get a complete activity log so you know exactly what changes have been made, and how to rectify errors.

One-click Integrated Staging to Safely Test Changes

ManageWP does not have this feature

On WP Remote, Setup staging sites on our servers with the click of a button. You no longer need to deal with cumbersome effort involved in creating a staging site.

No more hassles with disconnections

ManageWP often loses connection with the plugin needing you to manually reconnect the site

WP Remote maintains a rock solid connection with your site by pinging your site multiple times a day

What will you do if many sites are hacked at the same time because of a vulnerable plugin you use on all your sites?

With ManageWP you  risk losing your entire business

WP Remote will let you clean all your sites with the click of a button without spending an extra penny

Real-time backups for WooCommerce Sites

ManageWP does not support real-time backups

WP Remote backs up every order of a WooCommerce site in real-time ensuring that no data is ever lost on it.

REST API to let you build your own workflows

ManageWP does not have an API

WP Remote lets you query the list of sites, backups and more through a REST API. Now you can use this data in your own way and improve your workflows

We are an independent business just like you

ManageWP is owned by a big company – GoDaddy

WP Remote is owned and run by entrepreneurs like yourself. You will work with real people many of whom you will even know by first name.

“With WP Remote, I can finally rest easy.”

As a web developer, I host and support multiple sites, and WP Remote is the only plugin I could not run my business without.

William De Sousa,
‍Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea

Simple Pricing that’s easier on your wallet

WP Remote gives you all the features to manage your customer sites in simple plans unlike the complex a-la-carte pricing of ManageWP

WP Remote
Free Features
Centralized Updates
1-Click Login
2-Factor Authentication
Slack Integration
Manage Comments
Team Management
Pro Features
Daily Automatic Backups
Backup History
90 days
30 days
Integrated Staging
Uptime Monitoring
Advanced Client Reports
Performance Checks
Web Vitals
Outdated Pagespeed
Visual Regression Testing
20 Sites
50 Sites
100 Sites
Security + Backups Plan
Malware Scan
Malware Removal
Vulnerability Alarms
Bot Protection
Activity Log
20 Sites
50 Sites
100 Sites

Make the right choice for the future of your agency. Choose WP Remote today