WP Remote over ManageWP

Learn why top agencies
choose WP Remote
over ManageWP

Stop letting security flaws add more stress for you and your clients.
Choose WP Remote and ensure no malware can hurt your sites.

Video Comparison

MalCare vs. WordFence

In our video, we compare MalCare and WordFence. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, and explain when each is a better choice. Watch the video to learn more.

Reduce load on site by upto 70%.

MalCare will improve the performance of your site, while WordFence can slow it down.

Find the most complex malware.

MalCare can detect complex malware that may be missed by WordFence.

No more false alarms.

MalCare avoids flooding your mailbox with useless alarms, only sending notifications when important events require your attention.


WP Remote gives you all the features that ManageWP does + a whole lot more

Do more than manage sites and update plug-ins. Give your clients complete peace of mind when it comes to their websites and grow your business faster.

I had multiple false downtimes on ManageWP, but none on WP Remote.
All clean on ManageWP, while WP Remote detected four infected sites which have been automatically cleaned.
WP Remote wins – YAY!”
Sarah Crawford
A Lined Design

4.9 rating based on 250 reviews

What will you do if many sites are hacked at the same time because of a vulnerable plugin you use on all your sites?

With ManageWP you risk losing your entire business but WP Remote will let you clean all your sites with the click of a button without spending an extra penny

“With WP Remote, I can finally rest easy.”
As a web developer, I host and support multiple sites, and WP Remote is the only plugin I could not run my business without.”
William De Sousa
Bluebird Care Kensington & Chelsea

How do you manage your websites?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be time consuming and error-prone. WP Remote will save you hours every day while providing you complete peace of mind.

Managing everything yourself

But it’s too time-consuming, complicated and stops you from achieving your full potential. You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

Putting together multiple tools

But these tools don’t work together seamlessly and end up costing you a lot more time and money.