Better Reports, Less Effort: Introducing WP Remote’s Latest Reporting Enhancements

Spending hours maintaining client sites?

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Reports are like the bread and butter for any agency managing multiple WordPress sites. But this turns into a daunting task when each of your clients has unique needs and preferences for their reports. How do you then convey your value and progress?

Recognizing this, WP Remote has rolled out significant enhancements to its Scheduled Reporting feature, designed to streamline how you create, customize, and deliver these important updates. These improvements focus on fine-tuning the content and delivery of reports, empowering you to provide tailored communication that resonates with each client.

Customizable content with data tokens

Understanding that different clients value different metrics, we have introduced customizable data tokens. This feature allows you to select specific data points that align with each client’s priorities. Whether it’s SEO progress, user engagement, or security updates, you can now create personalized reports filled with relevant and actionable insights. This customization ensures that your clients receive precisely the information they need, enhancing their perception of your agency’s attention to detail and commitment to their goals.

Reporting tokens 1

Flexible presentation options

Flexibility in how you deliver reports is just as important as what goes into them. With the latest enhancements, you can choose whether to include a comprehensive report PDF in the email or to keep the communication concise with just the essential data highlighted in the body of the email. This ability to toggle between detailed and summary formats allows you to cater to different client preferences, making your reporting both versatile and considerate.

Reporting tokens 2

Automated scheduling

Keeping clients informed should not mean an added workload for you and your team. Our enhanced scheduling options automate the process, allowing reports to be dispatched weekly or monthly based on your setup. Once configured, these reports will continue to update your clients regularly, ensuring they remain well-informed on the latest developments without any ongoing intervention from your side. Automating this process not only saves time but also ensures consistency in communications.

Set and forget

Our enhancements are designed to save you time while ensuring the accuracy of the information sent to clients. You no longer need to manually assemble data or craft emails for each reporting period. Set up the reports once, choose your customization options, and let us handle the rest. The automation and customization not only streamline operations but also minimize the risk of human error, maintaining the integrity of the data shared with your clients.


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Managing everything yourself

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