It is good practise to make a copy of your site files regularly. It is also very handy to have a copy of your site if you are making any major changes such as a theme change or a server move. WP Remote give you the option to create and download a zip file copy of your site. The zip includes your database, but you can also download the database individually.

Note: The copy site files are downloadable only, they are not stored anywhere on your website or the WP Remote server.

Select your site from the site list and then click the Backups tab.

Downloading a copy of your site (1)

The Backup tab allows you to download a copy of your site files as a zip file.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.13.06

Click on the Download Site button. You may then have to wait a short time while the copy is created.

Click on the Download Database to start a database backup.

You will be prompted to save the copy zip file locally.

You may then have to wait again while the copy zip file is downloaded, depending on it’s size.

The zip file should contain a copy of your database and all the site files.