This document is intended to outline the process with which you confirm WP Remote is fully functional with your premium Theme or Plugin. The two behaviors you’ll want to test are:

  • Confirming WP Remote reports your Theme or Plugin as needing an update.
  • Updating your Theme or Plugin through the WP Remote web application.

We do our best to ensure WP Remote features are fully functional with premium Themes and Plugins. If you find any integration issues, please shoot us an email so we can help you resolve them.


We strongly recommend hooking into WordPress Core’s reporting and update mechanisms for full compatibility with WP Remote.

Should using WordPress Core’s internal mechanisms not be possible for whatever reason, WP Remote also integrates ManageWP’s update API.

Note that the Plugin or Theme will need to be active for WP Remote to report updates because the custom code will only be executed with the Plugin or Theme is active.


If you’d like to test WP Remote’s integration with your premium Theme or Plugin, the very first order of business is to create an account on WP Remote, connect your publicly-accessible test WordPress install, and confirm WP Remote is properly configured.

Once you’ve connected WP Remote to your test Site, install an older version of your Plugin or Theme on the test Site. Go back to WP Remote and refresh the Site. Your Plugin or Theme should appear as out of date in WP Remote.

To test the update mechanism, simply click the Update button next to the out of date Plugin or Theme listing. Once the Plugin or Theme is updated successfully, an entry will be logged in the Site’s History tab and the Plugin or Theme will be removed from the Updates list.

Refresh the Site from within the WP Remote web application. Your Site should appear as completely up to date.