Security plugins can cause a plethora of issues with WP Remote. They can mask version numbers, or show randomised version integers which may be confusing.

Double check the security plugin is the issue, deactivate it from your WordPress site, and refresh the site from the WP Remote Dashboard from the site view, if it connects, and looks to be responding correctly, we have established the security plugin to be the fault. Otherwise, contact support at [email protected].

Here is a list of popular security plugins, some of which may have workarounds.

  • iThemes Security
    In the iThemes Security under the Tweaks section, ensure the ‘Filter Suspicious Query Strings in the URL’ is not enabled as well as ‘Filter Long URL strings’.
    The Dashboard Tweaks subsection of tweaks, will display false positives in WP Remote.
    note, since iThemes security took over Better WP Security the below options are no longer relevant.
    Hide Theme Update Notifications 
    Hide Plugin Update Notifications
    Hide Core Update Notifications
  • Wordfence Security
    May cause your WordPress version number to display incorrectly. There is no current support for this plugin.
  • WordPress Firewall & WordPress Firewall 2
    Both WordPress Firewall and WordPress Firewall 2 will block requests from WP Remote to your site. In the settings menu for the plugin, ensure that the option “Block WordPress specific terms (wp_, user_login, etc.) in application parameters.” is not enabled.

If you’ve run into another security plugin causing issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing us at [email protected].