WP Remote over MainWP

Learn why top agencies
choose WP Remote
over MainWP

WP Remote is a seamless integrated hosted product which lets you focus
on growing your maintenance business instead of managing a bunch of
incoherent plugins.

Video Comparison

MalCare vs. WordFence

In our video, we compare MalCare and WordFence. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, and explain when each is a better choice. Watch the video to learn more.

Reduce load on site by upto 70%.

MalCare will improve the performance of your site, while WordFence can slow it down.

Find the most complex malware.

MalCare can detect complex malware that may be missed by WordFence.

No more false alarms.

MalCare avoids flooding your mailbox with useless alarms, only sending notifications when important events require your attention.


We believe site management tools can do better. That’s why we built WP Remote

A hands-off, efficient and reliable site management tool that doesn’t compromise on your client’s experience. WP Remote is exactly that.

4.9 rating based on 250 reviews

WP Remote gives you all the features that MainWP does + a whole lot more.

Because growing agencies need more than just bulk updates for plug-ins. Get one single source of truth for all your clients’ websites and grow your business faster!

Why choose WP Remote

  • Get integrated world-class security, complete with a powerful firewall and an advanced malware scanner. Never worry about malware attacks or hacks again.
  • Create accurate incremental back-ups that never fail you at the time of emergency.
  • Create back-ups of any size without putting a load on your site, and get 365 days of back-up history.
  • Get complete onboarding support from our team and set WP Remote up in minutes.
  • Don’t juggle between 7 different plug-ins just to make sure your clients’ sites are running smoothly. Do everything from one single platform.
  • Make migrating from staging to live site a breeze.
  • Test all changes before they go live with 1-click staging.
  • Monitor the uptime of your clients’ sites and be the first to know when something goes wrong.
  • Run visual regression tests and detect bugs instantly.
  • Test the speed of your sites with performance monitoring and make sure they’re conversion-ready.
“WP Remote Is superior to ALL OTHERS BY FAR.”
I spent 1000$+ on others: used Updraft, MainWP etc…All of those gave me some problems. WP Remote is simple, super fast, doesn’t use server resources and technically speaking perfect.”
Alessio Santoro
Freelance Web Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team

Yes! All features of WP Remote help you offer the best service you can to your clients.

We want to help your business grow—go the extra mile for your clients. Be ready with timely back-ups. Up-sell your clients on security. Never let a single bug crop up.

That’s how your business can stand out amidst the crowd!

We’ve built pricing plans for agencies of all sizes, so that you can provide amazing service, no matter how big or small you are. Check out our pricing plans here.

Yes! You can add and manage unlimited sites on your WP Remote dashboard.

We offer 24/7 support to all our users—with fast, practical solutions to your problems and adequate answers to all your questions! We’re here to help.

WP Remote is built to help agencies of any and all sizes. Our tool is intuitive and easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any technical know-how. You can get started with it right away!

Yes, our client dashboards allow you to mange your clients in the tool!

Yes! WP Remote has a free version that you can check out on our pricing page!

Yes, WP Remote can help WordPress agencies and developers manage their teams and clients in a collaborative environment.

Yes—our self-help section can show you how! Check this out: How do I add new plugins or themes?

“Phenomenal Service.”
The dashboard & functions are easy to use, and awesome customer support. I don’t have other services to compare WP Remote to.”
Megan Gray
‍House of Grays

How do you manage your websites?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be time consuming and error-prone. WP Remote will save you hours every day while providing you complete peace of mind.

Managing everything yourself

But it’s too time-consuming, complicated and stops you from achieving your full potential. You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

Putting together multiple tools

But these tools don’t work together seamlessly and end up costing you a lot more time and money.