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Site Group

  • Cyberdyne Systems News Good
  • Buy n Large Promotions Updates Available:
  • Aperture Science Blog Updates Available:
  • Tyrell Corp - Nexus-6 Launch Site Good

For the developers

We provide a JSON based RESTful API so you can integrate all of the functionality of WP Remote into your existing proccesses.

➜  ~  curl -su demo:demo | \ 
jq '.[0].nicename'
➜ curl -u demo:demo site/{SITE_ID}/backup/{BACKUP_ID}/download
POST site/{SITE_ID}/plugin/{PLUGIN_SLUG}/update
GET site/{SITE_ID}/group
GET site/{SITE_ID}/note

Serious about security

We never ask for your site username and password, we use unique API keys to ensure only you can manage your site.

Find out more in our security policy.

WP Remote hosting partners.

We test WP Remote with as many hosts as we can. Here is a sample of providers that fully support WP Remote. If you experience any issues, simply get in touch with us.