Monster’s Award 2022: BlogVault Has Been Nominated for the Best Backup and Migration WordPress Plugins!

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It may seem that all competitions are all about winning. If you do not rank first, does it mean that it was all for nothing? When it comes to Monster’s Award 2022, the most critical part is unity. A lot of WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world come together to share their digital items. You know like in the Come Together song by The Beatles. Others join the competition to vote for the most well-liked tools. It is critical to make sure all the webmasters and other experts know that their work is recognized. TemplateMonster takes matters into its own hands and launches an annual award to praise the greatest people in the WordPress sphere. Are you ready to find out how to vote for your favorites and help them win?

Briefly About Monster’s Award 2022

To cut a long story short, Monster’s Award 2022 is a community prize for those who provide different WordPress-related products and materials. As we have mentioned, it is really inspiring for developers to know that their activity is appreciated. In other words, you can become a reason for motivation. As a result, content and product authors will work harder to provide the audience with better items.

According to Victor Gozhy, CCO at TemplateMonster, “the main idea behind the Monster’s Award was to unite the WordPress community and make it more transparent and open for discussion and evaluation. We understand how difficult it is to create top-notch content, product, or service and, for our part, want to help the creators get well-deserved consumer feedback for their effort. The other side of the competition is an opportunity for nominees to show themselves, and get promoted!”

It is worth mentioning that Monster’s Award 2022 is a non-commercial competition. There is no need to pay to enter the award. Everyone can nominate their preferred products. Everyone can vote to support the items that have been assisting in completing multiple tasks.

Even though it is only the second time TemplateMonster organizes the award, it has already achieved a lot.

  1. In 2021, more than 13,000 people voted for and recognized the best WordPress products.
  2. This year, the competition has 160 nominees. In addition to this, there are 17 categories.

What about going through all the categories featured in Monster’s Award 2022? You will be ready to choose the most incredible items from nominees in:

  • WooCommerce;
  • dynamic plugins;
  • forms;
  • design plugins;
  • eCommerce add-ons;
  • expert blog & media;
  • backup & migration;
  • builders;
  • rising YouTube channels;
  • fastest hosting;
  • booking & appointment;
  • security;
  • marketing;
  • newsletters & communities;
  • translation plugins;
  • free WordPress themes;
  • optimization plugins.

Are you a specialist who produces some of these WordPress goods? Perhaps you are a content maker who supplies novices with some valuable info? You can take part in Monster’s Award 2022 too. Fill out the form on the website and suggest your brand.

Everyone has the opportunity to vote for the most phenomenal brands in Monster’s Award 2022. Make certain that you stick to the deadline. The closing date is December 23.

Eventually, it is unthinkable to be silent when it comes to medals. Who could deny all of the champions special prizes? The winners will receive a discount on numerous TemplateMonster channels. Social media, a blog, and newsletters are examples of these. Furthermore, they will be given corporate badges to ensure that everyone recognizes that the champion is competent.

BlogVault Has Been Nominated for Best Backup and Migration WordPress Plugins

Furthermore, BlogVault takes part in Monster’s Award 2022. It has been nominated for the “Best Backup and Migration WordPress Plugins” category.

Many people consider BlogVault one of the most trustworthy WordPress backup plugins with free cloud storage. The main attraction is a free staging environment. The instrument is ready to back up the whole site regularly. You are free to work with such content as the WordPress database, files, themes, images, and many other elements. Everything is perfectly safe and straightforward. There is no need to complete the task manually when you have such a professional assistant.

Now it is time to go through the main benefits of BlogVault.

  1. It has successfully backed up over 1 million websites on 5000+ web hosts.
  2. The tool keeps encrypted copies of all backups in numerous data centers. It means you will not be charged for additional cloud storage.
  3. BlogVault provides the finest method to assist you to get your site back to normal with a 100% positive outcome. A crashed site requires immediate attention, and the instrument makes it easier to restore your site.
  4. With the click of a button, you can create staging sites and make adjustments in a secure environment. When you are happy with the progress, you can repeat or combine them on the live site.
  5. When mission-critical websites go down, businesses suffer losses. You must continuously track your sites to respond quickly if something goes horribly wrong.
  6. You can keep track of all adjustments to your site. Reduce downtime by debugging any issues with your website.
  7. Finally, it is possible to protect your website without reducing its speed.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Frankly speaking, we are flattered to be nominated. Furthermore, we will appreciate it if you support BlogVault and spread the word about our services. Monster’s Award has proven to be a delightful celebration that must keep going. Its non-commercial nature adds to its allure. Unlike many similar tournaments, there is no admission fee or special opportunity to win your top prize. What exactly are you looking forward to? It is time to head over to the Monster’s Award 2022 website and look for the best goods. Your involvement will inspire us to offer you better service. Thanks for reading!

Vote for BlogVault and Help Us Become the Best Backup and Migration WordPress Plugin!


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