Backup and Staging Site Speed Improvements

Spending hours maintaining client sites?

WP Remote will streamline your WordPress maintenance process and save you at least 4 hours every week.

Two optimizations and half the time. We are pleased to announce significant improvements in the speed of our backups and staging sites. 

1. Blazing Fast Backups

Backing up your website just got a turbo boost! BlogVault has always been the fastest backup service for WordPress, but we have optimized the process even further.

With recent improvements in our sync algorithms, these times have significantly decreased. Smaller sites now average 182 seconds for backup, and multi-GB websites require approximately 749 seconds. This is a huge optimization from before, where a website under 1GB would take an average of 292 seconds to back up, while larger sites could take up to 2037 seconds. That’s a 50% reduction for sites under a GB and 66% for bigger sites.

2. Staging Sites in Minutes

Every time there is a major plugin, theme, or core update, spin up a staging site in minutes to test it out. 

Create a staging site for a 5GB website in under 10 minutes, which would earlier take close to 25. Even with a time crunch, never push out an untested update on a live site again. (We’re looking at you, Shirley!)


We have designed these updates to restore a valuable resource to our users: time. With faster backups and quick staging site creation, our users will see marked improvements in web maintenance. 

We look forward to learning about the impact these updates have on your work. Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to bring even more enhancements to your experience with BlogVault.


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How do you manage your websites?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be time consuming and error-prone. WP Remote will save you hours every day while providing you complete peace of mind.

Managing everything yourself

But it’s too time-consuming, complicated and stops you from achieving your full potential. You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

Putting together multiple tools

But these tools don’t work together seamlessly and end up costing you a lot more time and money.