Feature Announcement: New Site Notes

Spending hours maintaining client sites?

WP Remote will streamline your WordPress maintenance process and save you at least 4 hours per site every week.

We’ve updated the Notes feature on WP Remote. This update is designed to make managing your sites easier by allowing more detailed tracking and better collaboration.


The main use of this new feature is to enhance collaboration and maintain a history of your notes. Use it as a to-do list or to record important changes you’ve made to your sites.

Add Multiple Notes Per Site

You can now add multiple notes to each site.This allows you to document various aspects of your site management and collaborate on different topics without mixing details.

Keep track of Contributors

With the new feature, you can see who created or edited each note. This provides clarity on who’s changing what.

View Edit History

You also have the ability to see the history of a note. This means you can track changes and refer back to older versions whenever needed.

Old Notes Have Been Migrated

Your old notes have been migrated to this new system. You can find this upgraded feature in the site details page, positioned on the top right for easy access.

This update is about making site management more efficient and collaborative. We hope it helps streamline your process.


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How do you manage your websites?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be time consuming and error-prone. WP Remote will save you hours every day while providing you complete peace of mind.

Managing everything yourself

But it’s too time-consuming, complicated and stops you from achieving your full potential. You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

Putting together multiple tools

But these tools don’t work together seamlessly and end up costing you a lot more time and money.