New Analytical Features in WP Remote Reports

Spending hours maintaining client sites?

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We are excited to introduce two significant feature updates to reports in WP Remote that are designed to enhance your experience with advanced analytics and uptime tracking.

These updates are in line with our constant endeavour to improve our reporting feature. They simplify the process of monitoring website performance and user engagement for you and ensure you have a clear and insightful view of your and your clients’ web data.

Uptime Section

WP Remote checks the uptime status of sites 5 times every hour, and now reports will clearly showcase this information.

The Uptime section has a daily graph displaying uptime and downtime records throughout the day—green for when your site was online and red for when it was offline.

More importantly, downtime incidents are further explained beneath the graph, providing specifics on the duration and exact times of each occurrence. This significant update gives you a more granular insight into your site’s availability, empowering you with information to debug when and why downtime occurs on your site.

Reporting improvements uptime monitoring old
Uptime Monitoring (old)
Reporting improvements uptime monitoring new
Uptime Monitoring (new)

Google Analytics Section

Our Google Analytics section has expanded with five new visualization tools, offering a more comprehensive view of your website’s metrics:

Reporting improvements Google Analytics new 1
Google Analytics (old)
  • Chart 1 (Sessions vs. Date) presents a side-by-side comparison of current and past sessions through a dual-line graph.
Reporting improvements Google Analytics new 1
Sessions vs. Date
  • Chart 2 (Users vs. Date) tracks user metrics in a similar dual-line format.
  • Chart 3 (Country Map) illustrates user distribution across the globe, showcasing a color-coded world map alongside a top 10 country list.
Reporting improvements Google Analytics new 2
Users vs. Date and Users by Country
  • Chart 4 (Traffic Sources) displays a horizontal graph highlighting traffic origins.
  • Chart 5 (Device Traffic) categorizes traffic based on device types using a horizontal bar chart.
Reporting improvements Google Analytics new 3
Traffic Sources and Users by Devices

Now you also have an accompanying Page Analytics table that lists the top-viewed pages with vital statistics, offering a comparison with previous periods.

Reporting improvements Google Analytics new 4
Page Analytics

How do these updates benefit you?

These updates aim to deliver detailed, easy-to-compare analytics, making it more straightforward for you to find useful patterns in complex web data. For instance, a sudden drop in traffic can correlate to downtime.

Let’s look at some of the ways these updates can help you:

  • Understand user demand and market trends: As your users increasingly seek more in-depth data to guide their digital strategies, these updated reporting features help ensure your reports stay relevant and competitive.
  • Enhanced user experience: By offering more detailed and comparative analytics in the easily digestible format of a report, you can improve the overall user experience, making data analysis more accessible and actionable.
  • Proactive issue resolution: The detailed uptime monitoring and analysis enables you to identify and address website issues more proactively. This reduces potential downtime and improves website reliability, thereby ensuring happier customers for you.

Eventually, we aim to eliminate the need for manual data comparison across periods or the use of multiple tools and integrations for data gathering, by pulling all relevant data sources into one space.


We have integrated these features into WP Remote to simplify website management and analytics for you. By offering advanced tools for data interpretation and display, we believe WP Remote can empower users in making informed decisions, backed by thorough and accessible web data insights.

These updates are live now for all our users so you can take them for a test drive right away. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to refining our features further based on your requirements.


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