Client Reports 2.0: What’s new

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The importance of client reports in communicating valuable information to stakeholders cannot be underestimated. This is why we have been constantly improving our client reporting feature to provide you with the best possible experience.

In the first phase of enhancements, we added 4 new customizations in reports. In this second phase, we have added 3 more useful features. 

Let’s take a quick look at what we have changed.

Enhanced Template Page Preview

You may have tried out the individual customization feature for each section of the report. Now we are taking the customization two steps further.

First, we added template page preview capabilities to each section. Earlier, this was only available for the Cover Page section. Now, you can see how each page looks right in its section itself.

Section-wise template page preview for client reports
Fig. 1: Template page preview options in each section

Next, we brought in quick updates to page previews. This means that any changes you make to each section’s subsections—Heading, Subheading, Description—will be immediately reflected on the respective page preview upon saving.

Furthermore, page previews now also support HTML code. So any code entered in any of the subsections is also rendered and presented in the preview. This gives you more flexibility and visibility into how your changes appear in the final version of the report, right when you are making them.

Improved Translations

Easily send reports to customers in their preferred language. We have added built-in translation abilities to our client reporting tool. Select a language while preparing a report, and all the default text across the sections will automatically get translated. Skip the time and effort needed to painstakingly tailor reports to the required demographic.

Furthermore, combined with the new template page preview, these translations appear on the previews on the fly. 

Introduction section data page preview in German in client reports
Fig. 4: Default introduction section data page preview in German

Deletable Templates

Want to do housekeeping of templates? Based on our customers’ requests, we have made unused report templates deletable. Now, you can easily remove templates that you no longer need keeping your dashboard neat and squeaky clean.

To delete existing templates, go to the Account menu on the top right of your BlogVault dashboard and click on Report Settings.

Report Settings option in Account menu for client reports
Fig. 5: Report Settings option in Account menu

You will see all your existing templates in the Report Templates section. To delete a template, click on the bin icon next to that template under the Actions column. That’s it!

Template delete option in Report Settings for client reports
Fig. 6: Bin icon to delete unused templates

This particular enhancement is the result of customers sending us feedback. We are always listening to what you have to say, so we can improve your experience as much as possible. 

How do these updates benefit you?

Informative reports benefit from a high scope of personalization, but the personalization needn’t be difficult to achieve. Hence, these updates will help you tailor your reports as per your and your customers’ requirements with much ease and flexibility.

Now reach out to more and more customers across the world with our enhanced translation features. The possibilities are endless, and this is only the beginning.

What’s next?

Over the upcoming updates, we aim to introduce more data into the reports to give you and your customers better insights into how their websites are performing. As a result, you can now be in full control of your report creation process right from the get-go.

We also plan to make the data obtained from Google Analytics for individual sites much more meaningful with the addition of visual elements like graphs, charts, etc. Moreover, you will be able to select the visual elements that you wish to show in any particular section.

Furthermore, in our constant endeavor to improve the report creation experience, we will redesign report sections to better suit your needs and the information you want to express. As part of this, we will introduce the ability to change the ordering of sections based on your requirements.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to refining our features further based on your requirements.


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