GA4 Integration on Your WP Remote Dashboard

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From 1st July, 2023, Google Analytics will be ending support for their Universal Analytics (UA) properties, and moving to GA4 completely.

The Google Analytics widget on your WP Remote dashboard already supports GA4, and we strongly recommend you update these settings now for a seamless experience. The analytics data is integrated into client reports as well. 

Switching over from UA to GA4

We highly recommend moving to GA4 from UA right away, if you haven’t already done so. As UA will stop processing data on 1st July, there will be a gap in your analytics thereafter till you set up GA4. 

notification on closing UA property

It is helpful to have both properties running in parallel for a few days at least. This way, you can compare insights across both properties to gauge their differences. 

Switching is very simple, since you already have UA set up. To change the tags on your WordPress site, you can use either Site Kit by Google or MonsterInsights.

Connecting the GA4 property to WP Remote

Now that you have created a GA4 property for your site, all you need to do is update on the WP Remote dashboard. 

1. Navigate to the Site Details page. 

2. Either click on Settings on the left pane, or look for the settings icon on the Google Analytics widget. 

GA4 data on WPremote dashboard

3. Your account should already be selected, and unless you’re using a new account for GA4, leave this as is.

4. Select the GA4 property for your site from the Property dropdown. 

choosing GA4 property

5. Save ​​your changes. 

Integration with client reports

Once you’ve connected a GA4 property to WP Remote, the correct analytics data will now show up on client reports. 

GA4 Client report in WPremote

If your reports are not set up to include Google Analytics data, you can enable it easily. Click on the edit button on the Reporting widgets, and check the Google Analytics option to integrate automatically. If you haven’t updated to a GA4, we recommend leaving this option unchecked, otherwise the data will be wrong.  

options to display in client report

Client reports are an excellent way to showcase the critical maintenance work that goes on behind the scenes of a website.

Resources on making the most with GA4

It is always tricky to move from a well-established and familiar system to a new one, and the transition pains are no different for Google Analytics. We had both systems running in parallel for over 4 months on our sites, and there is a marked difference in the reporting. 

We understand that these differences are due to the way data is collected in both cases, and the implementation of machine learning as well. Regardless, it still takes some getting used to. We found the following references helpful: 

At any point, if you are facing issues, please email us and we are happy to help!   


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